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Brad Richert & Associates is dedicated to becoming the #1 real estate service in British Columbia through the offering of services that are ethically uncomprising, marketing that is second to none, and ideas that are beyond the industry norm.


What We Believe

1. Do Unto Others...

Every piece of professional advice given by us MUST put our clients first. It is therefore our practice to consider that whatever we advise or whatever we do, we would also want done to us. I know that if I was selling my home or I was buying a new property for my family, I wouldn't want any corners cut. I wouldn't want someone in it just for themselves. I would want someone who is invested in my investment.


2. People Before Profit

OMG, we must be socialists! Or maybe it's just good business. Apart from the fact that we want to feed our families AND sleep at night with a good conscience, I truly believe people eventually realize who has their interests at heart and will not only continue to use our services in the future, but will tell all of their friends about us. Over 80% of our business comes from YOUR referrals. This is truly incredible! Imagine the power behind that. Sure, we might have to spend a little bit more than the average bear on marketing your home, but in the end, your referral is worth 100 ads and we all come out winners.

3. It's About YOUR Home

Dale Carnegie once wrote something to the effect that you can do more business (or make more friends) in two months by becomes more interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you. Well, in this business it truly is about you and your home. It is incredible to watch a first time home buyer or a new couple or someone moving on in their life be so excited about opening that door for the first time.


4. A Home is a Home

It doesn't matter whether your home is worth $100,000 or $1,000,000 or $10,000,000 - we believe that you deserve the same level of premium service no matter what. Sure, some things work for one property type more than others. We get floorplans done on detached homes but not condos because we have the strata plan. We offer water testing on acreages but not typical single family homes. But we provide the same highest-end photographers, the same staging consultants, and the same level of marketing and service. It's your home and and that's all the matters.

More coming soon!

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