It is a lot easier to say we support Green business practices than it is to do it. Perhaps one of the difficulties is that we can always do more than we are doing. So instead of realizing how difficult it is and giving up, we are taking it one step at a time. Here are just few of the commitments we have made to support a more sustainable Fraser Valley.


Green Real Estate Accreditation

In 2010 Brad Richert was accredited by the National Association of Green Agents & Brokers. Greenrealestate® designees provide a means by which consumers are able to find real world green expertise in their real estate representatives. As a Greenrealestate®; professional we offer real long term positive impact on your community.


Electronic Signatures

We employ the latest technology not only for your convenience, but also to reduce our paper trail and vehicle emissions. We have partners with Opreie Real Estate Software and DocuSign to deliver you premium service that allows you to sign legally binding contracts at a click of a button. No more faxing, no more unnecessary driving around.


Responsible Printing

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need to print, but alas, we do. While we can reduce print needs by using electronic documentation and online advertising, the fact is that we still need paper and there has yet to be an effective way to completely remove all forms of print advertising. It would be easy for us to say we are "Going Green" and pull out of print advertising, but really, we would only be doing it save money. Print advertising works for you and us. It gets your home SOLD. Because of this, our commitment is to print only what is necessary and to use only FSC-Approved materials.



Community involvement is extremely important, so why not doing something that is both good for the environment and for land values? We have partnered with the Township of Langley to adopt two parks (West Willoughby Park & Routley Park) and one street (68th/200th).